Another buzzing city- famous for its beautiful forts, facades and palaces.

We stayed in a very cute and quaint hotel called the Jaipur Inn. The hotel was built in 1976 and the room we stayed in was built by the owner as an inspiration to his father. The hotel had greenery and art all over. We had an amazing room with a balcony outside, facing the main road so we managed to people-watch during the late afternoons. This hotel is also where I did my very first yoga class! Isn’t that amazing?

We headed to the Hawa Mahal then on to the Amber Fort on the first day of our tour in Jaipur. This fort is where the Maharajas lived before. From the walk up (crossing paths with elephants) to the amazing details and architecture of the fort itself, this was a fantastic sight. There was so much to see from different gardens and windows to mirrored walls. I kinda felt bad for the elephants as they had to carry up to 3 people up the fort however if you walk it, it isn’t so bad. Though, I have read somewhere that they will stop this as the animals are not being treated properly. I’d like this to happen very soon please!

After the fort we had a small snack for lunch called Samosas- and oh boy, they were very spicy. The pastry was triangular in shape with some mixed vegetables inside. To help our palate we then had some cashew desserts afterwards.

People decided to go the market and the Monkey temple but we decided to do the City Palace tour. Im glad that we did not miss this opportunity as we managed to go to the grand courtyard. The courtyard had four gates showcasing the four seasons in the year. Each one of them was spectacular and were very well detailed. We stayed for almost an hour in the courtyard taking pictures as they were that beautiful.

For dinner we had a vegetarian thali and this was just delicious. The dish had some fresh salad, yogurt, spicy pickled tomato/sambhal, different types of dhal, rice, mixed vegetables, papadoms and chapati. The way to eat this was to use your hands and to mix everything together- this experience has brought some good old memories back from the Philippines.

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