We both visited these palaces during our tour and I must say that if you like taking pictures of unique and interesting artefacts then you should go. You do not need a tour guide or an audio guide to appreciate the beauty of these palaces (unless you want to- we prefer to walk on our own leisure). You will step back in time and experience how lavish and grand the Maharajas used to live before.

Jaipur City Palace

Entrance: 500rupees


⁃ A courtyard with four gates showcasing the different seasons in a year.

⁃ Display of giant silver urns which used to carry water for the King when he used to travel.

Udaipur City Palace

Entrance: 330rupees (30rupees for the complex and 300rupees for the museums)


⁃ Zenana Mahal- Royal ladies quarters built in the 17th century.

⁃ Mor Chowk or Peacock Chowk- The most beautiful part of the palace with stunning mirror work and elaborate mosaics. The main attraction in this area was the peacock which was said to have been made and crafted with over 5000 pieces of different coloured glass.

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