Tordi Sagar- Yes, this deserves a post of its own. From Jaipur- it took us four hours to go to this beautiful and vibrant town bustling with colours. We stayed in an old palace- called the Tordi Garh. This was used to be owned by some feudal Indian lords in the olden times.

The hotel itself is quite old but well maintained. I love how their windows are made of different coloured glasses and when the sun shines – the room of the colour changes thus creating a boudoir effect. It’s a shame that I didn’t take a picture of this. Nevertheless this is probably one part of the trip which I loved the most.

Why? The people. We walked around the narrow and unpaved streets of the Village with our CEO and in each corner we met a lot of beautiful and amazing people who allowed us to take pictures of them, on their own or with us. The only thing they wanted back was for us to show them the photograph. Isn’t that amazing?

I also took some pictures of the street and houses where some of the people lived. The way they live their life is so simple but all of them seemed very happy and content which was nice to see. It made me miss my childhood in the Philippines.


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