Old town Riga, Latvia

Riga, the capital of Latvia is probably one of the prettiest cities I have ever been. It has this cool medieval vibe with cobblestones streets and soaring gothic spires. It is famous for its different architectural styles from Renaissance to Art Deco to Baroque thus it deserves a spot on the World Unesco Heritage List.

We had three days in Riga but with the gloomy and rainy weather our first day was spent mostly sleeping in the hotel as we were so tired from the early flight. We still however managed to walk around at the Central Market in the afternoon and around the city at night.

I don’t know there is always something about a city at night- the street lights are up and the buildings are illuminated which gives it that vintage like vibes. The city just looked different at night. You notice things which you wouldn’t notice during the day.

We ended up having dinner at Rozengrals- which is a famous medieval restaurant with an authentic 13th century surroundings. They serve dishes which used to be served to the kings, queens and noble mans in the ancient times. Each item had a description of what’s in it, when was the food served/ invented and for which occasion. The place looked amazing as it was well lit with probably over 200 candles thus giving it that ‘red wedding feeling from the Games of Thrones’.